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Many people in Germany grew up with it – the mother of all catalogues: the mail-order catalogue. The originators quickly developed into powerful universal mail order firms who would write history. Amazon or Zalando? Webshops were still a utopia at that time. When the triumphal procession of the mail-order companies began in the 1950s, there was no infrastructure that would have made such a comfortable shopping experience possible beyond the world of analogue catalogues. The legendary catalogue has established itself with an edition of up to ten million copies and is still active today, especially in Germany.

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Variety, tangible quality and fast information: catalogues offer many advantages and are among the most effective means of achieving customer loyalty. In addition, they support your sales with their wide range. The magalogue, a combination of magazine and catalogue, has also become increasingly established: In order to meet the demands of the experience-oriented reader, the magalogue also offers editorial content, in addition to product presentations. We see to it that catalogues and magalogues are edited accurately and with attention to detail. We also make sure the creation of themed articles is done with quality and suitable style. We master both challenges perfectly. Let us talk about your next catalogue today – we look forward to it!

The shopping experience as an inspiring act: first-class catalogues stage your product worlds and supplement them as a magalogue with editorial added value. An elementary part of your customer relationship!

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Catalogues combine a variety of individual brands. The close cooperation with the customer, well-coordinated processes and overall coordination are basic requirements for a compelling result. This is the only way to create a catalogue that is not only appealing, but also reflects the image and values of a company. With Haus & Ambiente, the catalogue of the Müller trade group, Söllner Content Marketing has done exactly that: the adequate presentation of the Müller brand environment complemented by editorial content that offers added value for the readers. Also in the inspiring culinary catalogue for connoisseurs PERFETTO Genusswelt we have combined refinement with clarity, lively imagery with detailed product information. This world of pleasures is full of variety and sensuality – the PERFETTO Genusswelt makes it possible to experience it directly.

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