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Our customer magazines focus on the individual target groups and present precisely tailored content. In terms of wording, approach and claim, we analyse your target groups in detail so as to offer a tailor-made solution. Our aim is to make knowledge come alive and to make the skills of your company visible – always connected to journalistic excellence and a well-founded concept, supported by the latest study and research results. With our perfectly organised core team, consisting of chief editor, art director and project manager, we ultimately achieve what we are working on: credibility, trust – and activation of your brand.


We offer digital and print solutions and link content across media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Co. All our customer magazines are based on inspired, ambitious journalism. Our customer magazines focus on your product – unobtrusively, informatively and entertainingly. Through appealing stories, rich interviews or valuable tips, we awaken the interest of your customers and achieve a long-term bond to your company. We know exactly what makes successful customer magazines, as well as how customer magazines entertain while also supporting your sales. Let our expertise convince you!

Convince your target groups – with journalistic excellence and exclusive content. Commit your customers to your company, to your brand. With the help of our customer magazines!

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Regardless whether we meet international star chefs to elicit an exclusively designed menu from them. Whether we trail the latest, most relevant and most amazing beauty trends. Whether we create authentic simplicity by setting up a media platform for natural cosmetics. Whether we review the latest Star Wars blockbuster or browse the Hahnenkamm race course with former ski champion turned singer Hansi Hinterseer in Kitzbühel: Söllner Content Marketing offers you the flexibility to meet the interests of your customers 100 percent.

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