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The question of whether it should be old or new media, print or digital is basically uncalled-for. More important is to take into account the specific framework conditions and needs: because here we talk about target groups, budgets, communication objectives, market, product and company culture. All of these are important parameters that influence the choice of the right advertising medium.


Nonetheless, it is clear that digital publishing is now the key factor for many companies and is valued as an effective marketing tool. Since the first Apple iPhone appeared in 2007, digital technologies have unfolded their potential clearly to everyone. Various possibilities were gradually available which a few years before had seemed unthinkable – a development that has far-reaching consequences. Digital does not necessarily mean mobile, but the vast majority of digital media offers involve mobility: reading the latest news, the results of your favourite football club or the current issue of your favourite newspaper or magazine on your tablet in the metro – many people would not want to do without such possibilities today.


When it comes to creating and implementing the digital media that suits you, the leitmotif at Söllner Content Marketing is relevance rather than penetration, pull instead of push. As with our print magazines, exclusive, reader-usable content is the key issue. This is how we achieve long-term customer loyalty. Based upon the content, the digital program or digital publishing is linked to your on-line shop, branch, and social media presence. On-line shops benefit from the combination of user experience and the resulting improved conversion rate. Contact us – we offer you the right digital publishing solutions!

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User experience as a key factor: digital media offer mobility, comfort and effectiveness. As a marketing tool, they also combine content and shopping experience.

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