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The idea is as obvious as it is sensible: why not just gain an influencer, an opinion leader for your own brand, to use its massive media reach and directional opinion across different media? Metaphorically speaking: like a mountaineer, we clip our carabiner into the rigging of a hot-air balloon, which scales the heights to the summit at a fast pace, while the remaining climbers have to take a far more difficult and longer path towards the summit. The summit stands for your success – and the achievement of a positive brand image.


In order to lend your advertising messages weight and to multiply them to a considerable extent, we identify suitable opinion leaders for you. Through their selective integration into your brand communication, the rating of your products can be directly influenced – especially in social networks. Ideally, the image of the influencer is transfered to the brand. This is not an exaggerated expectation since, after all, consumers have been shown to trust personal recommendations. Exclusive previews or pre-trials of your products take into account both your distribution advantage as well as the interests of the opinion leader who would like to consolidate his status within the community. Such a partnership moves your brand ahead! In addition, influencer marketing offers an optimal environment for shoppable content, the direct link to your webshop. The options are manifold – we will find the right opinion leader for you!

Give your brand a boost – we will find the perfect influencer for you! Use joint target groups and the personal recommendations of an opinion leader who is active across various media channels.


Testimonial, influencer, sympathiser? No matter how you put it: the “Germany's Next Topmodel” participant and beauty blogger Anna Maria Damm has played an important role in the trendy young magazine of Müller – the MIA – since the first issue. Anna Maria’s fans and the MIA readers form a homogenous cut-set, a joint target group. The joint success in a very short time speaks for itself.

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