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Regardless of whether it concerns a planned market entry or opening a branch office, mobilising regular and occasional customers, or the challenges coming from strong online retailers: there are many different reasons as an over the counter trader for using leaflets to optimise visitor frequency. This is also the case for food retailing as well as textile or drugstore chains and furniture stores. We give you effective support so that you can get more potential customers interested in your shop floor and products. In your company, category management ensures the perfect combination of product ranges and availability. With optimised advertisement of these products ranges, we will help you generate increased visitor frequency and thus the best possible promotion of sales. Focus on communicating offers that are perfectly tailored to your target groups and different kind of buyers. Establish clear incentives and priorities, communicate attractive offers from the product ranges and convince your customers to come by the POS as regularly as possible. We will show you how easily and efficiently you can put this into action: with leaflets and prospectuses, which attract curiosity, and by displaying the variety and innovations of your product range – this will naturally encourage people to buy! During conception phase we integrate the newest scientific findings and studies. The development, structure and sequence of the products groups is targeted to increase the added value of your leaflets and therefore measurably increase customer frequency.


Price communication is an essential part of an effective leaflet. For this reason, we highly value a targeted pattern for presenting prices. This is because the difference between promotional bargains and non-credible, permanent discounts is in the small details, which our team of retail experts always keep a professional eye on. Under certain circumstances, we also incorporate couponing, early bird or giveaway campaigns, raffles or, in particular, POS events into the leaflets. Furthermore, the keywords cashback, multibuy and loyalty bonus are effective tools for a more highly frequented POS, provided they are used in a sensible manner. Get in touch with us and make the most of our extensive retail expertise. Our specialists will be delighted to work with you.

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