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Point of View
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What are the latest trends in communication, what is only a flash in the pan? How can you use content or influencer marketing in the B2B or B2C context? And how do established disciplines change in the course of digital transformation? The Point of View – short PoV – explains this. As a specialist magazine for communication, the PoV unites exclusive interviews with leading economic figures and comments from clever individuals from the small and medium-sized business sector as well as the current start-up scene. We bring theory and practice together and explain developments with statements by internationally successful communication experts. Clear, to the point and understandable. Your added value is our editorial concept: we summarise for you the potential for the communication of your company, how to use it most effectively and what you can do without.

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No matter what your reading habits are, the PoV is always at your disposal. Discover the high-quality printed edition or browse through the PoV on the desktop PC in your office. Download the PoV on the App Store or Google Play for free and enjoy the information on the go – whenever you want, wherever you are. Offline or online, you have the choice. Howsoever you decide: the communication magazine provides the necessary overview of the dynamic communication scene and shows what is important in advertising, content marketing, media and the press. What kind of communication activities transform events into emotionally charged live communication? How do blogs and social networks influence the work of journalists and PR experts? The PoV explains in detail the background and technical terms, looks back on the history of corporate communication and advertising, and looks even further into the future. Concrete, best-practice examples illustrate the route from conception to successful implementation and evaluation. Get an overview of the world of communication or gather specifically selected expert information that you need for your communication. Whatever you are looking for, the PoV is your reliable guide and consultant.

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